Music to Picture


This is a trailer that I re-scored with original music.*

*This is a student work intended for practice purposes only. All rights to the video are owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment

This is a film scene that I re-scored with original music.*

*This is a student work intended for practice purposes only. All rights to the video are owned by Touchstone Pictures.

Original Songs

My friend Brandon Roos and I made a beat as Smoltron V Slobodon and it made it a Team Supreme cypher, as well as a song I made on my own, so two beats I worked on are in this mix! It’s really awesome to be on one of these mixes, I’ve been a huge fan of them for a long time. You can find our collaboration at 2:26 and the song I made on my own at 23:06.


My friend Brandon Roos and I did a breakdown episode with Pyramind to show in depth how we created a song using nothing but sounds from their Impact Sound Design sample pack, and we put together a playable drum rack using the samples. You can pick up our drum rack and the original sample pack we used to make everything with on Pyramind’s blog post.


This is a song I made using nothing but sounds I made with my body like clapping, singing, and beatboxing. I used a variety of methods to turn them into the sounds in the song which include granular synthesis, looping, layering and repitching (essentially all of the same methods I used to make my pinecone song).

This is a song I made for a contest at Pyramind, which was to make a song or SFX sample pack using nothing but sounds from a pinecone (you can check out Pyramind’s blog post about it here). It was a lot of fun to undertake this challenge and I was surprised with how well my song turned out considering the seemingly severe limitation on the source material I had to use. All of the sounds I used were recorded in one of Pyramind’s studios with my friend and fellow Pyramind graduate Brandon Roos (who also made a dope beat for the contest). We captured the sounds of us manipulating a couple of pinecones in various ways, such as crunching, breaking, flicking, and whooshing them through the air. I then brought the samples home, put them in Ableton, and used a few different techniques to create all of the sounds in this song. The main methods I used to transform the pinecone samples into all of the sonic elements in my track include granular synthesis (warping in texture mode), looping small portions of a sample at a really fast rate, re-pitching, and using a variety of audio effects.

If you want to download the ableton project file to see how I made this, you can get it here. I froze two of the tracks because they were using third party plugins (valhalla room and fab filter pro q) but all of the other tracks just have ableton’s stock effects.

This is a beat that I made on my phone a while back using an app called nano-studio, which is a really cool mini-daw for iOS devices. Most of the sounds in this song were recorded with my phone; I recorded my car keys jingling, my car door closing, and seatbelts buckling for the percussion, and I recorded some chords I played on my guitar and my voice for the harmonic and melodic sounds.

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